Clinically Dead

by Contorted

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released December 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Contorted Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Clinically Dead
Someone free me from this lifeless shell

Diet related to bulimia
Resulting in fatal deficiencies
Causing irreversible brain damage
Cerebral cortex ultimately liquified
No hope of rehabilitation, someone help me
Kept alive by mechanical means

Fifteen years of life gone by
Family prays for a miracle recovery
Never willing to give up hope
Husband pleads for removal of tubes

To be slain by malnutrition
Forever trapped in this lifeless shell
Unable to plead my case
How do they know what's best for me

Families wish to keep me alive at all costs
Even if it requires amputation of all limbs

No hope of returning to a life of normality
Occasional moments of facial expressions
How long must I lie in this lifeless state
Someone free me from this agony

Brain mass reduced to half the size of normalcy
Unable to think feel see or interact in any way

Clinically Dead
Track Name: The Chronicles of Bundy
Betrayal beginning at birth
A mother ashamed of the truth
Denying a son of maternal support
Not realizing the damage done
Unable to understand social behavior
Maintaining a social facade
Fascinated by brutal violence
A monster develops inside

Sick fascination of photos depicting the dead
Unnerving intrigue of sexually violent acts
Grotesque amusement through visions of brutalized victims
A sickness takes form within the confines of the mind

Trying to cope with these tormenting thoughts
Now leaving the teen years behind
Adulthood makes sickening dreams real
Can't control blood soaked lustful thoughts

A victim is needed for visions of the macabre
Meticulous selection of those I wish to defile

Gathering tools to carry out my fiendish acts
Luring my prey never suspecting a thing
Finally alone my sickness exerts it's control
Bludgeoning victims an evil released a feeling of power divine

Alone I sit in the dark
Reveling in the blood of the dead
Caressing the nullified victim
I must become one with the corpse

The body count is rising no one suspecting me
I can't control my urges I must release this rage
A wolf inside sheep's clothing I lure in the weak
I must fulfill these urges, soon more will succumb
Track Name: Detest at Leisure
Secret society is controlling our lives
Manipulating our very lives
Bent upon damnation of all mankind
Conspiring to hold all in its grasp
Plotting ways to eliminate those not elite
Loath and detest us as they see fit.

Causing plagues and famine
Through man made disease
Population control
To satisfy their greed

Snuff out the lower man
Eradicate their lives

Turning man against man
Just to keep their hands clean

The lives that we once knew
Soon to be turned to shit

Their full intention
To slaughter our race
Enslave what is left
To fulfill their blood lust


Our families destroyed
They don’t give a shit
As long as it fits
Their demonic plans

Detest and destroy all that won’t fit in their plans
Controlling the masses using force
World balance no longer an issue to give thought
Greed surpasses what is right or wrong
Power given to them has been abused
Now we’ll suffer for our ignorance

Once a nation united
Now a nation distraught
Those in power abusing
Detest as they please

Snuff out the lower man
Eradicate their lives

The life that we once knew
Soon to be turned to SHIT
Track Name: Death Rides
Lurking in the dark, hunting down my prey
Living dead
Creature of the night, spreading wings in flight
Lust for flesh
Constant need to feed, watching victims bleed
Throats ripped out
Eyes which pierce the night, victims in my sight
Make the kill
Drain them of their blood, need to feed is strong
Life for life
Victims disappear, never to be found
Leave no trace
At the break of dawn, fleeing from the sun
Curse the light

Slumbering until nightfall
Again rise to hunt prey
Shift shape to begin stalking
Take flight on hellish wings
Concealed by darkened skies
My existence unknown
Parasite which feeds on mankind
An endless feast for me

Death rides and all hell follows
Taking flight on ancient leathery wings
Smell of blood
Exciting the urge to hunt
In dark savage ways

Bring forth the night
And all hell shall follow me
Gorge on the flesh
Lapping up blood
Piercing the meat
Extinguishing your existence
Acting on instinct
Victims soon torn apart
The smell of your blood
Night reigns supreme
For these sickening ways

Death rides in the dimly lit skies
Taking flight on ancient leathery wings
Smell of blood
Exciting the urge to hunt in dark savage ways
Dark savage ways
Dark savage ways
Track Name: Enshrouded in the Darkest Pain
Gapping maws poised to attack
To rip flesh from the bone

Pain intensifies with each attack
Blood now begins to flow

Creatures devoid of human contact
Neutralizing a threat
Homelands destroyed pushing them closer
Forced to hunt a new prey

An easy kill offering no resistance
No defense or escape
Human greed the key to all these happenings
There's a price to pay for ignorance and
The price shall be your life

Deforestation revealing new life forms
Primitive savagery intruding on their land
We rape the land of all it's precious resources
Protecting it's domain perfect killing machine

Worlds collide end of life
Human greed now you'll bleed

With each acre that we destroy
Leaves them no where to roam

Brings them closer to civilization to
Feed upon our young

Ancient species slowly discovered and
Wish not to be found

Disembowel human intruders
And dine upon on their flesh
Track Name: Hated & Scorned
The darkening world transforms
He who lives must prepare for change
Men have died worms have eaten
Bodies burnt to cinders
More power than all fear
Rage like hell's fury
As cold as the grave
Cast into the abyss
Enduring ever lasting punishment

What we have
What we spent
What we left
What was lost

Clothed in all freeze
Teeth chattering from the cold
Complaints never get pity
No time for tears
Deceive the deceiver
Hated and scorned
The dead they sleep
The dead they rest
The dead have peace

Empire condemned to dust
By omen the city besieged
Dead will leave their tombs
To cannibalize his fellow man

Hands wet with blood
The fourth horseman
Whose name is death
Envisioned the apocalypse
Symbolize the power evoked
The black flag of death appears
Not even a speck of light
Will reach this place

The dead they raise
The dead they walk
The dead they feast

The end of the world has come
And the horror has just begun
Armageddon to an evil world
Another laid to rest
Visions of an endless death
A sea of corpses
The living died
Nothing left in the wake
Just putrified flesh and bone

What we have
What we spent
What we left
What was lost

Empire condemned to dust
By omen the city besieged
Dead will leave their tombs
To cannibalize his fellow man

Corpses rising reclaiming the land
Those left living now food for the feast
The human race is how hated and scorned

Symbolize the powers evoked
The black flag of death appears

Memories of the past fading to dust
Mutated race of the dead in control
Lifeless eyes begin roaming the land
Those once in power now hated and scorned

Envisioned the apocalypse
Cast into the abyss
Track Name: Retaliate
Tyrants raping a nation
Economic turmoil
Greed begets hatred
Thousands going unfed

Anger grows in the streets
Corporate demons grow larger
Those beneath getting fucked
It’s time we make a stand

Current plan of world leaders
To enslave those beneath
Take back control, of the lives that we once had
Enough of suppression
Time to bring down the wall
Bring forth the masses
Time to open our eyes

Fuck this fucking shit
Fuck this fucking shit
Take a stand

Controlling us just like puppets
It’s time we cut the strings
The nations are falling to ruin
No sign of relief in sight
Freedom a thing of the past
To take back by using force

Up heave the corrupt
Denounce all those in power
Our freedom depends
On those who would take action

Anger grows in the streets
Corporate demons grow larger
Those beneath getting fucked
It’s time we make a stand

Track Name: Defiled Existence
Conceived in a lab
Biological experiment
To fierce to control
Escape soon at hand

Blood fills the halls
Bodies lie torn

Scientific curiosity
To create the ultimate weapon
Realization too late
The consequences of playing God

Claws tear at flesh
Jaws snapping limbs

Brought to life
To end a life

Man made creation
Devours all in its path

Attempts to subdue the creature in vain
Bodies strewn and left to rot

There’ll be no end
To all it’s bloodshed

Haunting image
Defiled existence

Will they ever learn
From all their countless mistakes
Trying to create life
With deadly consequences
Tormented life survives
Deadly existence

Only wishing to survive
Acting upon natural instinct
A life that must be terminated
Beast unable to control

The hunt will go on until its capture
Yet how to stop this mad creation
Conventional weapons have no effect
Fear for those outside the compound

Defiled existence, Created a creature of death
Defiled existence. Creature of cunning unmatched
Defiled existence. Experiment needing an abortion
Defiled existence. Creators now becoming prey

Defiled Existence